Voxxed Algiers

23rd May, 2015

Islam Drissi

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Islam is attending the following talks:

23rd May 2015

9:50 am
Openning Keynote - Salle Algiers
10:30 am
What’s coming in java ee 8 - Salle Algiers
11:30 am
Plonger dans le portail open source java Liferay en 2015 - Salle Casablanca
2:00 pm
Using NoSQL with JPA, EclipseLink and Java EE - Salle Casablanca
4:00 pm
Testing Java EE 8 using Arquilian - Salle Algiers
Don’t be Monolithic, Be Microservices - Salle Casablanca
5:00 pm
Closing Keynote: Celebrating 20 years of Java - Salle Algiers